The Plight of the Undecided Voter

I wonder what it feels like to be a truly undecided voter in a "battleground" state?

My entire voting life has been spent in states where my vote in a November Presidential election has never mattered. California and Oregon are already colored "blue" by default without even a second thought. So my vote, typically for the Republican side of the house, doesn't mean very much.

So if I was truly undecided, and it mattered, how do you make a decision?

The political machines and the way our government functions have made it impossible to figure out what the true pros and cons of each candidate are. Bills in Washington are built with so much compromise and amendments that a bill for housing the homeless has a provision in it to kill babies.

So, in the course of a campaign, the candidate who thinks killing babies is bad is is labeled as not caring about homeless people. The other candidate, who voted for helping the homeless, now supports killing babies.

Can anybody really make a distinction about what these candidates really stand for?

I've said this for many elections in the past and this year it still holds...

The election is an ugly dog competition. No matter who wins, it is still an ugly dog.

Hopefully the winner doesn't poop in the house and chew on the furniture.

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