Best Finish in Years

Well, my First place status in my Rotisserie baseball league didn't last long. But that was expected.

It looks to me like I'll end up in 2nd place. There is limited upside movement for me and limited downside for the team (the hated Hackers) ahead of me. It's not impossible. Wins and Saves are categories where I can gain a couple of points, but my pitching will have to really be great over the last month to get there. ERA and Ratio are also areas for improvement but I'd have to get a 2.25 era and a 1.06 ratio for the month to make up ground.

I won't be unhappy with 2nd place. It's been a long time since I've seen any ROI in baseball. This years transaction fees seem higher than normal, so the payout should be good.

Still, first place would be awesome....

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