Landlord Nightmare

We've owned the 4-plex for almost 6 years now, and while we have been warned of the "nightmare tenant", we have been lucky and not met them.

Until now.

The scary thing is that people were actually living in this filth - with small children. We called Child Protective Services and unfortunately this isn't bad enough for them to do something.

The combination of garbage and feces results in a smell that is truly heinous. I guessing they only left because neither of the toilets is working.

1st step is to get the stuff hauled out. That will be a couple of truckloads (@500 each). Then we've got a company coming to clean the joint. They are considering the job a "bio-hazard" and will be in full bunny suits with gloves, masks and shoes ($60/hour - I'm estimating about 20 hours). Then we will have to replace the oven, likely the washer/dryer, dishwasher and the coup de gras, rebuilding the bathroom upstairs, which is likely a total loss.

So much for that big tax refund I got last week. I think that George W's economic stimulus payment is probably gone too.

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