Rejoice - Gas is Expensive!

Me and the missus were celebrating that our local gas station was down to $3.99 per gallon.

And she's defeated my argument that a new, more fuel efficient car would be a good purchase to replace the Tahoe. Bye bye MazdaSpeed and my dastardly plan for a very "fun-to-drive" car.


I got mad at the oldest child the other day for opening a package I specifically told him not to open. Normally that wouldn't be a big deal - because it really wasn't. But what set me off was that a key component was now missing. By opening it, he had lost a critical piece.

Except, I found the piece at work this morning. Because I had opened it at work.

I think I owe my son an apology.

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Poor Choices

While in line at my local convenience store to pick up my 44 oz tub of Diet Coke for the morning, I was behind an older lady. She was kind of trashy looking, trucker cap, shorts, long t-shirt. She certainly didn't look like she had money to burn.

But yet she picked up a carton of Winston Lites and a small collection of scratch off lottery tickets.

It was early, but I was somewhat surprised she didn't get a 6 pack of Bud to complete the picture.

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Our Nightmare has a cost

The estimate to rehab our apartment came to about $21,000.

That even shocked me.

Thankfully, our homeowners insurance will be covering most of the cost. The cheap thing is that the insurance company has separated it into two claims - one for water damage and one for vandalism. That way, they can bust us for two deductables.

So, out of pocket, we will probably spend about 2 grand on turning the apartment.

I think a increase in rent is coming.

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