Diary of a Delightful Introvert

This blog is written by Mark, now a 50+ married father of two kids and two dogs. I'm a Software Product Manager for a technology company here in Beaverton, Oregon. I say "Manager" because I'm doing all the planning for the products - but I also do the work. So I'm a developer at heart. I focus on applications for the web, mostly on making people more productive. 

I am a technologist, but hope to write on a variety of subjects. Things that make me laugh, and I hope will make you laugh too. I'll write on current events that strike a chord in me to comment. I won't write about work much - people get fired for that - but some things will need to be noted.

I actually started blogging in about 2002. The Internet Wayback machine shows me some of the stuff from back then. At that time I was coming up on my 40th birthday, with two kids under three years of age, one just recently diagnosed on the Autism Specturm.

I know when the site went quiet - my last post was late in 2009 after Obama first took office. Not sure why I stopped doing it regularly - part of it was that blogging had fallen out of favor in lieu of the the new kid on the block "Twitter" and "Facebook" - the era of Social Media killed the blog. Today I find Social Media to be a cesspool of hate. Going back to blogging for my own pleasure feels right to me.

A lot of the sharing I did back then was about funny stories about being a "big-dumb-dad", posting pictures of the kids, and just regular internet stuff of the pre-bubble. On occasion there will be stuff about local news stories of the times.

I'm in the process of retrieving all that content, and will be reposting that here. The only copy of that is in the aforementioned Wayback machine, so it's cut/paste-a-pallooza. That's going to take some time.

I'm ok with that. In fact a lot of it will be fun to go back and re-live some of those moments. I'll fiter some of the content - some of it has not aged well - not in context of the current trends of politically correct and "woke-ness" of the world these days,.

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