What's Next? Lifetime Achievement?

My six year old daughter Sara likes Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. Thankfully she is still in the "like" stages so we weren't obligated to overspend when she was here live in concert. Miley's been hitting the media circuit very hard over the past few months and is becoming the "teen sensation".

As an icon for my daughter, she's doing pretty well. The show is occasionally funny - even for a fat balding, 40ish Dad. Her music is actually pretty catchy and is in my iTunes randomizer. She's not been arrested, shown up intoxicated to an event, been caught in compromising positions by paparazzi, or become pregnant. Any one (or several) seemingly considered a "badge of honor" by the most recent crop of teen queens (i.e. Brittney, Lindsay, Jaime Lynn).

But there is evidence, that Miley is getting a little big for her britches...

AP: Miley Cyrus to write her memoirsThe multi-hyphenate teen star has signed a book deal to tell the story of her young life

Memoirs of a 15 year old?

I don't doubt that it will probably become part of our home library. I just hope there are some good lessons included in there about how important it is to be good to Dad!

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